At VOYCE, we’re dedicated to providing financial transparency to all of our supporters and the community.

82 percent of all expenses in 2022 were used to deliver programs to people in or entering long-term care.

The rest of the funds were used in administration, doing things like providing transparency reports like this one, and in fundraising to ensure there are enough funds to complete the mission now and always.

Recent Financial Documents

Download and view our 2022 financial documents.

2022 Revenue Sources

Pie Chart showing the following numbers: Individuals	 $22,855.00  Events	 $8,170.00  Earned Income	 $54,206.00  In-Kind	 $84,649.00  Government	 $365,247.00  Foundation	 $642,034.00

Part of the Ombudsman program is funded by federal funds directed to programs throughout the country through the Older Americans Act. However, this program is not fully funded by federal dollars which is why VOYCE relies on generous donors like the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the United Way of Franklin County, the FDC Foundation, Barnes Jewish Hospital Foundation, the Charless Foundation, and individuals like you.

Revenues and Expenses by Year

2021 $1,038,041$924,360