The VOYCEconnect Helpline connects individuals and their families with an expert in long-term care.

You’re one phone call away from finding what you need for long-term care!

Call (314) 919-2403 or Request Help Online.

Ask Questions and Access Resources

Our VOYCEconnect specialist can answer questions regarding levels of care, financing long-term care (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, etc.), and give specific options that fit with what clients are looking for.

Our Consumer Resource Directory provides a list of all long-term care communities that VOYCE oversees along with valuable resources and information for caregivers, loved ones, and long-term care professionals.

How VOYCEconnect Helped Jeff

“My sisters and I spent numerous hours searching the internet for information on long-term care and Missouri Medicaid requirements. We live out of town and were trying to find a place for our 88-year-old dad, who lives near St. Louis. Finally, one of the websites directed us to Since we found some of what we needed there, I sent an email to VOYCE with my questions. The VOYCEconnect Coordinator called me the next day and, not only answered nearly all my questions but also gave me some leads for finding even more specific answers. In just a few minutes, she put an end to two weeks of frustration. This is truly a wonderful service.” — Jeff from Springdale, Arkansas

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