The fabric at VOYCE is strengthened by the people that work with us. We continuously seek to hire employees, interns, and practicum students who are representative of those we serve. VOYCE does not discriminate on the basis of race or color, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity, economic background, disability status, protected veteran status, sex, gender identity or expression, real or perceived, or sexual orientation.

VOYCE is an equal-opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply for open positions.


VOYCE is currently seeking new teammates to fill the following positions:

Development Coordinator– 40 hours per week with benefits

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Internships and Practicums

VOYCE is looking for interns and practicum students to work with us in person at our St. Louis office in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

We are currently seeking a Micro Level Practicum Student, Policy and Advocacy Intern and a Grassroots Organizing and Policy Intern.

Student learning opportunities include both macro and micro levels of practice in the following:  

  • Developmental Disability
  • Direct Practice- Advocacy
  • Geriatrics/Gerontology
  • Health Policy/Public Health
  • Mental Illness
  • Program Evaluation
  • Social Work
  • Public Relations/Social Media
  • Community Health
  • Health behavior
  • Psychiatry/psychology
  • Social Determinants of health

“By working with VOYCE, we learned the importance of advocacy, individualized care, following through with issues that arise and working efficiently as a multidisciplinary care team.”

Former Practicum Student

Student Learning Opportunities

Practicum students and interns will learn about micro and macro levels of practice. Students’ responsibilities might include:

  • Program evaluation activities for VOYCEconnect and the Ombudsman programs
  • Research of systemic advocacy issues that detract from the quality of care for long-term care residents
  • Research and evaluation of facility and non-facility-based services to help consumers make the best long-term care decisions
  • Community outreach to work with consumers of long-term care
  • Ombudsman training to provide advocacy services to skilled nursing community residents

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Questions? Reach out to Chien Hung, MSW, MA-G, RYT

Program Directorchung@voycestl.org314-919-2411

Contact our Program Director, Chien Hung, for any questions.