Even before COVID-19, residents of long-term care (LTC) communities were often isolated and at risk of loneliness. The pandemic has exacerbated this pervasive problem, which in turn negatively affects the mental and physical well-being of residents. In order to combat the loneliness and isolation of residents, our Friendly VOYCE program connects dedicated volunteers with residents in need of companionship.

With the Friendly VOYCE program, we will:

  • Coordinate with long-term care communities to identify residents who are at risk of isolation
  • Find passionate and caring individuals who will serve as volunteers
  • Prepare volunteers to engage in meaningful activities and communication with residents
  • Provide ongoing support and continuing education for volunteers, so they continue to provide excellence service
  • Alleviate the prevalent levels of loneliness and isolation in residents in long-term care

Be a Friendly VOYCE

As a Friendly VOYCE volunteer, you will be a companion and connection to the outside world for a resident in need.