VOYCE believes that in order for all long-term care residents to make the greatest use of their rights, it is important that families and professionals have up to date knowledge. That is why VOYCE provides educational opportunities for the individuals and their loved ones across the continuum of long-term care and why we work to encourage personal and professional growth for those working in long-term care.

VOYCE also works within the community to educate businesses and communities, ensuring that everyone has the most current and relevant information about the rights and care of one of our most vulnerable populations.

Community Education

These resources and educational events are for residents, families, and loved ones. If you are looking for more information about long-term care for you or your loved one, these resources are for you.

Long-Term Care Professional Education

Find resources for long-term care professionals, whether you work in long-term care or are a professional who works with older adults in other ways, our long-term professional education provides resources for you.

Business and Community Education

Reach out to us for a presentation at your business or community group, including senior fairs and workshops.