By 2030, more than 70 million Americans will be 65 and older, twice the number in 2000.  Among those 65 and older, 1 in 4 live alone, and nearly 9 million seniors face the threat of hunger.  The gap is widening between seniors served and those in need due to increased demand, a rapidly aging population, declining public and private resources, and rising food, transportation, and operations costs.

As part of VOYCE’s Community Education Series, we were joined by Jan Keith, Director of Community Engagement at Aging Ahead. Jan Keith discussed the services provided by Aging Ahead and St. Louis Area Agency on Aging and described how these organizations make a vital difference in the lives of seniors across the St. Louis area.

Aging Ahead offers important support services and information in St. Louis County, Saint Charles, Franklin, and Jefferson, while St. Louis Area Agency on Aging offers services and information in St. Louis City. Both organizations support a wide range of individuals with complex needs and provide important services for seniors and their families.

The Mission of Aging Ahead:

Supporting individuals through the journey of aging.

The Vision of Aging Ahead:

For all individuals to have opportunities to age with honor and dignity.

Since 1973, Aging Ahead has supported individuals to remain healthier and independent by offering quality programs, services, and resources. Aging Ahead operates 21 center locations serving meals to congregants and home-bound seniors, community options counseling, activities, exercise classes, and Caregiver Support. 

Aging Ahead can provide important information and support services, including:

Thanks to Jan Keith, Director of Community Engagement at Aging Ahead, for this insightful presentation!

For more information on Aging Ahead, please visit:

For more information on St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, please visit:

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