When speaking with a donor, Cris, about why she chose VOYCE as one of her charities, she shared that we helped her when she didn’t know where else to turn.

A Legal Discharge

Originally, Cris had come to us after receiving a letter that her brother was being discharged from a long-term care community. Her gut told her their reasoning for the discharge couldn’t possibly be legal. But she didn’t know where to turn.

Her head was spinning about how she would find a different community that could handle his mental health issues in such a short amount of time. Then she noticed someone was copied on the letter. It was VOYCE.  She had no idea who or what VOYCE was but thought maybe we could help. She found us on the internet and called to see if her theory was right.

Finding Help

She was in touch with our regional ombudsman coordinator for the area, who agreed this was not a legal discharge. The ombudsman then spoke with the long-term care community, and they finally agreed they would not discharge him. But Cris knew she had to find a different community that was better equipped to handle her brother’s life-long mental health issues. The ombudsman had given her the time she needed to find the best community for him.

A Happy Ending

The ombudsman then helped Cris to determine which communities could best help her brother. Cris now had the time to research and visit each of the communities before moving him. She is happy to report that not only is her brother getting the necessary help and support he needs, but he’s happier as a result.

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