I always had been a very active person all my life until a debilitating stroke left me with partial control of the left side of my body, making it impossible for me to live at home. I consequently moved into a long-term care community, but I never gave up my dream to return to live in my native country.

Physical Therapy

The next step in the treatment process was physical therapy, and I anxiously waited for it to begin. After receiving the necessary approval from the insurance company, I started physical therapy. Unfortunately, I often experienced severe pain following the exercises. Although I was on pain medication, this was not helping. Unsure of what was going on and how to proceed, I confided in VOYCE’s ombudsman volunteer. He was understanding, listened to my problem, and assured me that he would find a solution. I was relieved to find someone who would address my pain and comforted me to have help with voicing my concerns.

Managing Pain

By speaking with the nursing director and the certified medication technician, the ombudsman arranged for me to receive the pain medication before each physical therapy session. Now, I can participate without any pain and hope to gain full benefits from physical therapy.

Regaining My Independence

Although I have not returned home to my native country yet, I remain hopeful this is not too far away. It is comforting to know an ombudsman in my new home can give me the guidance I sometimes need. After all, what matters most is knowing that a resource such as VOYCE is available to give those in our community the support and voice they need.

What is an ombudsman?

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