Text: Project Holiday Cheer
Dear Community Partner, With your help, we will make sure every resident in long term care in St. Louis receives a holiday care this December! 
Together, we will celebrate kindness and community, showing residents we care. 
Let's hear it for the holiday cheer! 
Speaking Up for Quality Long-Term Care

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yet, for many, the holiday season can be a time of loneliness for nursing home residents. This year, you can help make sure that everyone is included in the holiday cheer!

Project Holiday Cheer is all about kindness and community and it couldn’t be easier to take part.


With your help, we will make sure that every resident in long-term care in St. Louis receives a holiday card this December. Together we will celebrate kindness and community and show the residents that the community of St. Louis remembers and cares about them!

As a Holiday Cheer project partner, you will be matched with a long-term care facility in the St. Louis area. Cards for each resident can be made or purchased by your group.  Once all the cards have messages and are signed, you’ll deliver the cards, making a resident’s day!


Join the holiday cheer and let’s share some festive joy and kindness this holiday season!

Contact Jamie McGeechan, Events Coordinator at VOYCE for more information!

314 918 8222 or email jmcgeechan@voycestl.org


Please contact Jamie McGeechan at VOYCE if you would like to be involved with Project Holiday Cheer! His email is jmcgeechan@voycestl.org and his phone is 314-919-2410.

We need approximately 15,000 to make sure every resident gets a card. 

Based on how many cards you and your group plan to make, you’ll be matched with a long-term care facility or two in the area with a similar number of residents.  How many you make is up to you!

You will know what facility you are making cards for, but not the individual names of residents to preserve their privacy. For that reason, please provide or create a non-personalized greetings card for every resident in the facility you are assigned.

We ask each group to either purchase or make the cards they are sending. This allows you to put a personal touch on things! 

Since residents of long-term care are widely diverse and may not celebrate the same holidays as you do, we ask that you please use neutral sentiments such as ‘Season’s Greetings’ or ‘Happy Holidays’.

Remind residents that the community cares for them and they’re not forgotten!  Overall, please ensure that the card does not contain any information that could be considered offensive or come across as proselytizing to anyone who may receive it.

We would love it if you would deliver the cards to the facility (call ahead to ensure you understand their current rules regarding deliveries and visitors!) However, if you are unable to deliver them, please contact VOYCE to deliver them on your behalf. 

We want to be sure every resident gets a card between December 1-20.  If you are delivering, please deliver them by that date and let Jamie know when you’ve completed the delivery. If you need VOYCE to deliver them, we will need them in hand by December 15.